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About the Film: Lethal Nationalism

Who are the Christians of Asia Minor (Turkey)

Asia Minor, present day Turkey, was home to Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians until 1923 when the expulsions and exterminations wiped out nearly all traces of the indigenous Christians - not even children were spared. The Greeks of Asia Minor have a history in the region going back over 3,000 years, which took only 10 years for the Ottoman and Nationalist Turkish governments to destroy. Asia Minor boasted some of the most famous people, places, and events in history.

Map: Caliniuc since Putzger & Westermann atlases (Atlas zur Weltgeschichte, Stier, H.E., dir., 1985)

The time is now!

Lethal Nationalism: Genocide of the Greeks 1913-1923 is a full feature documentary about the tragic story of genocide during the years of World War I that has been kept silent for 100 years.

This documentary is currently in its fine cut stage. Only with your help can we get a final cut complete and proceed to the promotional stage, film festivals, and broadcasting this forgotten genocide of the indigenous Christians of Asia Minor (Turkey). The staff behind this riveting documentary are seasoned professionals in top 5 USA media markets, including our narrator the legendary Bill Kurtis. 

The denial by the Turkish government still continues today, and the acts against their minorities also still continues today. The injustice committed against these Christians has never been recognized. The veil of secrecy and silence must be shattered. The story of the Greek genocide must be told accurately and truthfully. Through projects like this full feature documentary, we can make a difference by educating the world about these forgotten events.

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Without the continuing support and contributions from people like you, this tragic event will stay buried and silent making the victims of this genocide invisible. Only you can help shatter this century old silence. The horrific story of the Christians of Asia Minor can be told world wide, and can help ensure that history like this never repeats itself. Your support is critical for this documentary to continue its journey to educate the world. Every single penny will help. We are a 501(c)(3) so all your contributions are tax deductible. Click below or mail your donation to: AMPHRC PO BOX 6127 Bloomingdale, IL 60108

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Bill Kurtis

Chicago Premiere

I was moved to tears by this documentary, which provided clear detail and historical context of the genocide against the Greeks and other Christian groups by the Ottoman Empire and, later, Turkey.

Elena Demos

A documentary that tells a little known, but very sad page of history. The old pictures and powerful narration tell the truth about the destruction and complete elimination of ethnic Christian Greek and Armenian communities with 3000 years of history in that land.

Aphrodite Soussa

Excellent documentary on the history of people who have brought so much to the world. Their stories have been kept in the dark for too long and moving forward the generations that followed them should no longer be silent about what the Greeks, Assyrians and Armenians have had to endure.

Stacy Katsibaros

Being a descendant of a survivor of the Armenian I was impressed with the photography in the documentary. I wondered how you were able to film the documentary. When the Armenians tried the Turkish gov't. put a stop to the filming as an example "Forty Days In Musa Dagh." My parents were survivors and spoke very little of that period in their life.

George Nahabedian

Powerful documentary. A part of history that cannot and will not be swept under the rug.

Stella Koikas